Who the &*@# is this guy?

My name is Jordan Gold, or Drod for short. My favorite nickname, however, is my Brother's, and it's Droddle. So I guess for the rest of my life I am going to go by Droddle, Droddle Pods, Droden, etc. I don't enjoy it, but I might as well embrace it, right? I'm 17 year old, male, and live in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. I currently have my own website, and it's KILLING IN THE NAME. I have owned that website since April 25, 2007. It has been my personal design blog & portfolio. It has also been the basis to my web design knowledge. I self-taught myself everything I know about web & graphic design. And I would say that I have done a pretty good job!

I have been very passionate about web & graphic design for the past 4+ years of my life. It began a long time ago, well, 4 years ago actually, and I was skating with my friends. It was summertime, and I felt that the world was mine. I tried ollieing a 4 stair, and completely ate it. Well, at least my ankle did. The first thing I realized when I got up was that I heard a strange cracking noise in my ankle that I have never heard before. I got back up, and skated away. It took me about 20 seconds to then realize that I seriously injured myself. So I sat down, and that was the last time I could walk properly for about a month.

Enough of the sob stories. The point is, I was in my bed, or crawling around my house for a couple weeks; preferably in bed. And while I was in bed, it was just me, my tv, and my laptop. I had a Myspace page, because I guess Myspace was kind of cool back then. I started to customize the layout of my profile beyond going onto a layout site and copying and pasting a code. I started to learn the basics of HTML and graphic design. I began opening up Adobe Photoshop, and that's where it all started. So thank you whatever higher power is out there for breaking my ankle. It changed my life completely.

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